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TO INVEST 1% of security spendings on Education for the Culture of Peace.
TO DEDICATE 1% of time to promote the Education for the Culture of Peace.
TO SHARE 1% of resources with Pacifists and Educators for the Culture of Peace.

1% FOR PEACE proposes that Humanity and their personal, private and public organizations, invest 1% of their spending in security, in order to finance directly ACTIONS and PROJECTS for Education for Culture of Peace, for the prevention and reduction of violence, at local, national and global level.

1% FOR PEACE is a useful tool for citizens, NGOs, business and governments to easily collaborate in the implementation of the Objective 16 PEACE and JUSTICE, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, because “there will be no Sustainability without Peace“.

The costs of conflict and violence in 2014 has been estimated on U$14,300.000.000.000, 13,4% of the global economy. We SPEND in wars U$1.700.000.000.000 per year, with 1%, U$ a year, we could INVEST U$ 7.000.000 per month, in each country of the world, in Education for Culture of Peace.

The 1% FOR PEACE movement, to reach its achievements, combines 4 Human technologies: Collective Intelligences and Collaborative Intelligences, Distributed Leadership and Chaordic Models of Organizations and Actions. What happens if all Schools teach them simultaneously?

1% FOR PEACE is a Latin-American contribution for the evolution of the Humanity. It is the result of an 15 years international investigation, interacting with more than 2000 organizations, initiated at 9:00 am on September 11th, 2001.


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